Clear Clouds Retention Sleeve


$7.50 $8.80

The SkatingSafe Clear Clouds retention sleeves can be used to hold the UltraCrash elbow protectors, UltraCrash kneepads, and ankle/foot pads in position.  These retention sleeves are very thin so they will not cause irritation even around the edges. They have high elasticity and very effectively hold the UltraCrash pads in place.  The small sleeve fits most children for knees and elbows and is great for the older skaters for their elbows.  The medium sleeve works wonderfully for adults, teens, and especialy male skaters who do not wear tights.

SkatingSafe retention sleeves are made from compression hose material (11.9% lycra and 88.1% Nylon) and are latex free making them the perfect solution for holding figure skating pads in place.

Sizing Information
XS/Small sleeves are recommended for use on small children for their knees and most petite skaters for their elbows. The Med/Large sleeve is recommended for use on elbows and knees of those with average to large builds. If you are unsure about your size please refer to the below information:

Measure 3” above and below the patella/ elbow and determine your size based off the max circumference of each sleeve.
XS/Small: Top band max circumference 15” – Bottom band max circumference 10”
Med/Large: Top/bottom band max circumference 19”

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