Ice Lights Insulated Boot Covers

Ice Light Productions

$31.99 $36.00
SKU: Icelights-3

Available in three popular boot colors: Tan, White and Black.  Each of these are constructed of the same high quality NEOPRENE and TITEX material.  You may elect to own one pair to match your skates or purchase more than one pair and change the colors to coordinate with your different outfits or skating styles.
There is no need to have cold feet or unprotected skates again!


Sizing is based on the skate boot size. Sizes may overlap and will vary depending on the make of the boot and actual foot size (i.e. width, etc.)  Suggested sizes are:

Extra Small Junior 6-9
Small Junior 10-13
Medium Adult 1-4
Large Adult 5-7
Extra Large Adult 8-11

*These tend to run small. If you have a wide boot or are on the border, order a size up.

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