Patron Saint of Skating Pendant - P12


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Bd Lydwina of Schiedam
Patron Saint of Skating
Approximately Diameter 1 1/4""

Saint Lydwina of Schiedam

Also known as

  • Lidwid of Schiedam
  • Lidwina of Schiedam
  • Lijdwine of Schiedam
  • Lydwid of Schiedam


  • 14 April


Her father was a poor noble, and her mother a poor commoner. Lydwina early evinced a devotion of Our Lady of Schiedam. Injured in an ice-skating accident at age 16, the broken rib caused gangrene to set in, and Lydwina became paralyzed and suffered for decades. She spent her time praying, meditating, and offering her pain to God.

She developed a devotion to the Eucharist. Given to ecstatic visions in which she was shown Heaven and Purgatory, participated in Christ’s Passion, and was visited by saints. Legend says that she had the gift of inedia, and that her only food for her last 19 years was the Eucharist. Miracles occurred at her bed side. Sometimes accused of being possessed, she was tested by priests. Blind her last seven years. Her final vision was of Christ administering last rites to her. Biography written by Thomas a Kempis.


  • 18 April 1380 at Schiedam, Netherlands


  • 14 April (Easter) 1433


  • 14 March 1890 by Pope Leo XIII (cultus confirmed)

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