Whirl a style Bun Maker


SKU: Whirl-1

Whirlastyle Hair Stylers are made of a light weight, resilient material that resists breaking and won't weigh down your head.The unique design of the Whirlastyle eliminates the need of pins or hair spray when shaping buns, knots, and twists. Your hair is held exceptionally well day and night. When you remove your styler, you'll have a wonderful head full of curls!Whirlastyle have a slit through the center of the product through which the hair is pulled, the hair is rolled, and then styled as desired.

  • Mini: Brilliant for the more edgy, urban look. Create 'Zulu Knots' and other wild variations. Also,perfect for children with fine, thin, shorter length hair.
  • Small: Fantastic for smaller decorative buns and trendy knots or twists. Small size is also great for thin hair and children's fine hair.
  • Large: For traditional looks like a French Twist or Chignon (a traditional bun). The large Whirl-a-Styler will create the flexibility needed to twist medium and chin length hair into place.
  • Jumbo medium: The ultimate hairstyling tool for creating updo hairstyles with medium length hair and hair of all thicknesses. For thick, coarse hair or fine hair
  • Jumbo large: For thick, course hair or fine hair

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